How I wish I could #POP

Conversations with photos, videos and GIFs? There’s a new language and it really POPs.

#POP by Zeega is the yummy, dual flavoured, candy-coated surprise that I can’t have.  For now,I’ll just have to stare at the brilliant logo. What #POP does is take the three things that people online love doing  ( messaging, taking pictures, and sharing pictures) and allows them to transform their conversations on the go, with awesome GIFs . And everyone  loves GIFs !


I wonder if there’s going to be an android and windows release soon. I hope it’s in the pipleline.  Lest I decide to  take  a bite of the forbidden apple. *Thunder* Hello enlightenment.

It’s a FREE download :

screen568x568screen568x568 (1)screen568x568 (2)screen568x568 (3)

The temptation is strong with this one…


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