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The subliminally surreal world of the cosmos: Cosmic Flower Unfolding

Cosmic flowers. Abstract, metaphysical creations for tripped out flower vendors.  Artist /animator Ben Ridgway’s film takes you through the rabbit hole, zooms past Stanley Kubrick world only to bloom in a fractal new space of the surreal.

Here’s his new video:

Ben says “My abstract animations investigate the metaphysical features of reality. They are designed to stimulate archetypal associations and invite the viewer to make personal connections to the visual and auditory experience without any reliance on narrative or spoken language.”

Connections? For sure I make them. Flower of Life? Now that’s a whole other story. I love the art, it’s the maths that boggles me. Whichever, Ben’s work is very impressive (life-changing on shrooms, or any other hallucinogenic of preference).


Curious to see more? Check out his blog >>

San Francisco still keeping it real…


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