a month in the making…

THE Workshop has been up and running for over a month. We’ve hosted a few workshops. Met some excellent people. Fun times. We tinkered with electronics. We made music with tools. Literally. We had an Open Day. Met some interesting artists. We made some keychain mementos. We asked people for their interpretations of a box…They were…

Distraught cows ask government: What’s your beef ?

In a drastic turn of events, the Maharashtra Steaks Committee has made an appeal to the Highest Court to revoke the beef ban. They further demanded the law protect and honour their constitutional rights to freedom of religion, and religious expression in India. According to Mrs. Kabab Gai from Bombay, the cows have two religious…

Stand Up For Indian Stand Ups

Another Indian shit storm hits the streets. No it still doesn’t concern the 500 million people or so who have to take a dump in the great wide open. It’s more serious and urgent. It’s a moral police alert!

Your Chin makes mellow music and trippy videos

Music from the Indian subcontinent has finally evolved. Mumbai based Sky Rabbit  frontman Raxit Tiwari makes some really ‘groovy’ musica. He’s nailed a vibe that’s very Bombay. Am humming the tune…who would have thought? Your Chin – Your Chin —  another track that’s been on my playlist… For more >> http://www.krunklive.com/Yourchin

#NeonClassism: an art overdose in Paris

 A neon interpretation of neo classism (in pictures) After the morning (Street art >> vandalised street art)…  Before lunch…. …after paying homage to the Miraculous Mona Lisa. *SUNSET* fin