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Kurka Kiev makes its case against GMO chickens with help from a ‘real’ Ukrainian artist

Like your cheecans pumped up with genetically modified gunk?


Didn’t think so.

Kurka Kiev, a local Ukrainian brand of chicken points the way to farm fresh, real, yes real all-natural, free-to-roam cheecans. And they do it with freakishly great art.



No fear and loathing here. Just photoshop free, zero manipulation creativity –  the ads are hand-painted on canvas by Ukrainian artist Ivan Semesyuk. That’s old school.


Good one on the Ukrainian agency NII for keeping it real.

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Balls-out brilliance: Brandalism

No marketing bullshit. Just great art. And all this done in one of the most heavily watched cities in the world. Makes me wanna be a ‘brand-al’ brandalising the town. Ripping down bad ads, fake headlines and photoshopped freaks –– all for the street, the art, or something like that.

And there’s a short film…

Move over banksy, the Brandals are here.

Curious? Here you go

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Vintage Woes

Cocaine tooth drops and children talking about cigarettes...I had to share these vintage ads. The context being really inappropriate and absolutely ridiculous, children are the butt of all things seemingly creative. Some of them are funny, they made me smile, while a few made me wonder what kind of sordid childhood the writers went through.

Vintage Woes