Tidal is a ‘geofeedback’ installation that bridges the gap between water bodies outside and inside us. THE Workshop was commissioned to build this, a suspended storm of metal clouds, illuminated with thousands of LEDs …

THE grass is greener on World Environment Day

2 Locations. 5 Mentors. 1 Day. All things green. 40 cardboard boxes were packed, stamped and ready to be reimagined. This June 6, World Environment Day, THE Workshop conceptualised a hands-on experience for two of Embassy group’s tech parks in the Bangalore in association with The Fuller Life. Big ups to them. Manyata Embassy Business…

Perspective is a powerful thing

Big, small, little, large, too young, too old, dark, fair, brown, black, loud, soft, smart, stupid, from here, from there, worships this, believes that, nobody, somebody, everybody. Think Happy Everyday. (This was the copy that didn’t make it on the final installation) Sometime last year we were invited to partner with the Under25 Summit to be held early January…

HELLO, L.S.Doodler

After I was done, my freak doodle on the ‘ pfizer note book’  coincidentally made perfect  sense. Below:: The Black version

Are we predictable?

I tried to beat this, a few predictions were off,  guess I’m not that predictable.