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Woah-bama: The Dudest presidential speech ever

Here’s to el-presidante Obama and his no B.S speech.

Wishing more leaders had such an evolved sense of humour.

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Hemp for progress: why perceptions need a changing…

If we look at history, Cannabis or Hemp, both have more advantages, and have been used to the fullest. From paper, to clothing, and fuel to fantasy, the plant  brings more smiles all round. All that remains is for governments to echo what generations before us knew well enough.
Here’s where HEMP can help :


infographic published by The Outpost

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The Happiness Flowchart

The Happiness Flowchart

A few smart companies are shifting perspective to a happiness model. Titles like Chief Happiness Officer ( not to be confused with ‘happy ending’) are making global rounds.

Maybe it’s time to change how we approach life, I’m doing that and it’s not as tough as I assumed it would be.


Free Tibet

Right now, prayers for Tibet need great wind.

Bylakuppe is a safe haven provided by the Indian Government. A far cry from the once immaculate Tibet. The location is serene, yet it is strange to see so many monks in South India.