Razor Sharp Music: Don’t EVER try this at home

Music made with razors?  Got me thinking about all the things that razors don’t (or won’t agree) to do. Things like: making coffee, checking email, or making small talk. Anyways back to the video. Grey, New York adds one more product to the very long and very tired ‘this product can also create music’ list with this beautiful…

Coke invents giant drinking face cup to take on social media

In a world devoid of real-world interactions, a giant makes a stand. And I like it. Has a point. Especially since it’s on social media, should we watch it? Should we share it? confused…. Oh sweet elixir of unhealthy consumption, guard us from the scourge of social media so we can focus our thoughts on opening…

Vintage Woes

Vintage Woes

Cocaine tooth drops and children talking about cigarettes…I had to share these vintage ads. The context being really inappropriate and absolutely ridiculous, children are the butt of all things seemingly creative. Some of them are funny, they made me smile, while a few made me wonder what kind of sordid childhood the writers went through.