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5 Improbable Machines for quarantine living

How do you not touch your face during the pandemic?


There’s panic, and a lot more Don’t’s than we are usually used to. However, when we looked at this critically, through multiple lenses, taking into consideration a diversity of personas the answer to the question ‘how not to touch your face’ was simple. After deep thought and a bottom-up design process, we closed in on a few winners.  Here is the series of 5 such fully-thought through machinations that relook at our relationship with technology, our hands, our face and our hearts during #covid19


Introducing machine 1: THE Facecupboard


The next logical prototype after THE Facecupboard…

 Improbable Machine 2: THE Handsmacker, aka the high-fiver, aka the gobsmacker.



Is it a falcon? is it a drone? presenting Drone Falcons – Machine 3 in the series.


Nothing keeps your face safe like the Rotating Cactus Glass Helmet, the fourth machine in our series of Improbable Machines that can help you not touch your face.


For the finale, its a pant drop. Literally Self-Dropping Pants. Our least intrusive, most offensive idea so far. 🙂



Maybe someday soon we will probably try to make these improbable machines. Till then, stay safe and think happy everyday.

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Woah-bama: The Dudest presidential speech ever

Here’s to el-presidante Obama and his no B.S speech.

Wishing more leaders had such an evolved sense of humour.

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Dell gets serious about selfies with the Center for Selfie Improvement (CESI)

Tech companies can sometimes have a sense of humour. Or the agency is committed enough to push the ‘not so compelling’  idea through. Whichever, Dell and intel  get the funny. Created by Y&R + VML in the big apple…

Reminds me of another agency gem.  ‘Buyral’ is a nice little self promo by agency John Street in Canada.

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No Bollocks: A twitter campaign that pays you to be a follower

In a first of its kind, Newcastle Ale breaks conventions and wows followers with…wait for it…Money.

Real money. Not branded coasters, flags, or stupid hats. No B.S. the first 50,000 followers get paid for their brand loyalty in actual money. Call it unsolicited marketing at its best. Sounds like seriously hard work for any brilliantly lazy and ballsy agency. In this case it’s Droga5.

Follow the money and get more money for your next pint.
Or follow the White Rabbit .

Here’s some of the honest, no bullshit ads.



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Purrance- cats on trance

Purrance- cats on trance


Legitimate Rape is better than Rape

Some time ago I was still trying to figure out why Republican Congressman Todd Akin said that women don’t get pregnant in cases of “legitimate rape”.

The video explains why in detail. It”s graphically informative.

I like the spin -off ad campaign too. More messages should be shared, more people made aware that rape = murder.

Worse still is the fate of women in India — where the masses themselves have a flawed concept of what rape is, why it happens and how it should be punished. He’s a small sample of what they think….and these are still children.