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THE Billboard that Breathes

Every once in a while a brief that really inspires comes along. This one was a breath of fresh air.  Time-coded fans to suck in air, an Air Quality Monitor, Real time display, loads of metal, mesh, pristine white hepa filters, and finally a compelling message.

Minimal Tech maximised

This billboard was more an urban intervention meets brand activation meets experiential marketing.

Fun Fact: While it was one of the littlest billboards around the city, (we did make the Abbys Goafest 2018 shortlist…OOH), the real kicker here (read win) was that well-over 2 and a half million people saw this creative output. Not bots…or counting the eyeballs on-site. With the budgets we had when we made it, every single reaction on digital was organic. The good stuff. Happy to see millions of people care. Humanity…we still have faith in you.

The making of ‘THE Billboard that Breathes’ was fun. Artist, Coders, THE Workshop team, Art, copy, welders, things moved swiftly at THE Workshop.  On-ground it was tougher to get the billboard up than we anticipated. Plus we didn’t have a budget for a crane. People power!



Long story short. We made an explainer video VO,  edit, et all. Somehow, Brut made a better one. We like the brut video. Peppy stuff.

Here’s the FB post that went viral: Love it when people comment, there were over 1500 concerned people. And thousands and thousands of shares. Whoopiee! Job done.

This is what we made.

The media did catch wind of this. Press mentions always make THE work feel a tad bit more rewarding. Here’s what they had to say:

The New Indian Express
Deccan Chronicle 
Times of India
The News Minute

Kerosene Digital

My Times Now 
UC News 
Daily Hunt 
Indian Express 
Times Of India (2nd article)
News 18

Bangalore is just the start. India needed this installation. A movement has begun.

Part II : The Evidence reaches the right people.People who can change things.


Clean air –– THE people are fighting for you 🙂 

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The world’s most ingeniously useful billboards

Every once in a while advertisers have the sense to invest in ideas that impact the world. And UTEC a university in Peru has been cranking out some ideas that would top a Billboard chart.

The first: A billboard that converts moisture in the air into safe drinking water. Showing big players everywhere how to truly ‘tap’ the potential of an idea.

The second: Why stop at pure water when there’s air that needs purifying. UTEC’s billboard version 2.0 takes it to the skies.

And not to be left behind are the People for a Smarter Planet. IBM ups the anti with 3 unbelievably simple innovations to their billboards. And simple does better than sell––it wins.

This campaign swept up the Cannes Grand Prix for 2013.




If only more tech companies started to think this way…




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No Bollocks: A twitter campaign that pays you to be a follower

In a first of its kind, Newcastle Ale breaks conventions and wows followers with…wait for it…Money.

Real money. Not branded coasters, flags, or stupid hats. No B.S. the first 50,000 followers get paid for their brand loyalty in actual money. Call it unsolicited marketing at its best. Sounds like seriously hard work for any brilliantly lazy and ballsy agency. In this case it’s Droga5.

Follow the money and get more money for your next pint.
Or follow the White Rabbit .

Here’s some of the honest, no bullshit ads.



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Integrated advertising: Here’s why you should think outside the box

Got questions about integrated advertising? Saatchi and Saatchi Tel Aviv answers them straight out of the box.

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The best way to create a Viral

Clicking is good for you…Great work by Canadian Agency John Street.

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Couple therapy simplified

Is this love?

Great casting, simple concept. Made me smile.