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Holy Smokes: the first full-page ad for marijuana hits New York

After decades of propaganda and blatant ignorance, the sweet leaf finally debuts in mainstream media. With its full-blown, full-pager in the New York Times, Leafly makes history in blazing print. The ad’s blunt. (Can’t help the pun).


I’m dubbing this advertising’s finest moment.
Snoop agrees. ‪#JustSayKnow

Big boom for Denver agency Redrag & Bull. Their approach: there’s a leaf for every symptom, you just need to know.

It’s medical and as legal as any other over-the-counter suspects: uppers, downers, screamers and sleepers. No more pills for them headaches, backaches, depression, appetite loss. This also comes with FREE make-your-world-more-funny goggles. Me likey.

Brendan Kennedy, CEO of Privateer Holdings, poses for a portrait for Reuters in Seattle

So what do these pot loving digital hipsters do? Leafly provides information about different pot strains and where to buy them. That’s being in the know. All made possible  via their app and website. Helpful stuff. Literally 🙂 They have run a few ads before, none this big or this ‘addy’.

Now waiting for this to go international.
Next up, Jay’s Doobie snacks: Pa pa pup pah pah…


Happy campers: Bill and Ted, Cheech and Chong, Scooby and Shaggy, Beavis and Butthead amongst the first to celebrate this newfound knowledge. 

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No Bollocks: A twitter campaign that pays you to be a follower

In a first of its kind, Newcastle Ale breaks conventions and wows followers with…wait for it…Money.

Real money. Not branded coasters, flags, or stupid hats. No B.S. the first 50,000 followers get paid for their brand loyalty in actual money. Call it unsolicited marketing at its best. Sounds like seriously hard work for any brilliantly lazy and ballsy agency. In this case it’s Droga5.

Follow the money and get more money for your next pint.
Or follow the White Rabbit .

Here’s some of the honest, no bullshit ads.



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Couple therapy simplified

Is this love?

Great casting, simple concept. Made me smile.