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There is no vaccine for hate.

A month or so ago, we lost a few clients. Lockdown woes. Meaning we finally had some time to do non-brand, non-sales related work. Work that was essentially THE. One of our briefs-to-self was to look at a pertinent issue that preceded the pandemic, was rampant during the pandemic, and could prevail in the post-pandemic world. Unless of course we stopped it.

Hate. Discrimination. Racism. Xenophobia. The pandemic amplified it all.

The Covid 19 situation exposed a whole new wave of fear and panic. Doctors, medical workers, Muslims, Chinese, people from North-east India, blacks, strangers, migrant workers, domestic workers, and even the law. No one was spared. The media-frenzied whatsapp groups went into overdrive. Full Throttle Panic Mode. People reacted. A lot for the worse.

Let’s stop the hate.

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Are you singing the Net Neutrality anthem? New York is…

PSA’s can be fun. More so if you can singalong.

This foot-tappin’, whistler friendly video takes on the FCC and all the people who will profit from making ‘our’ internet a television – all sung by concerned New Yorkers on the shitter.

Great stuff by Thinkmodo. Much like “Dumb ways to die” this track has a nice hook to it.

 Sing it out loud to the FCC. This shit will not go down!!!



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The prophecy – 90’S Internet PSA

An early 90’s amateur Pubic Service Ad for the internet. Watching it almost 2 decades later, it seems prophetic (Feline included) to what the internet has evolved into today. Love the cheesy beats!!!