Your Chin makes mellow music and trippy videos

Music from the Indian subcontinent has finally evolved. Mumbai based Sky Rabbit  frontman Raxit Tiwari makes some really ‘groovy’ musica. He’s nailed a vibe that’s very Bombay. Am humming the tune…who would have thought? Your Chin – Your Chin —  another track that’s been on my playlist… For more >>

Liquid Circus: the art of spinning illusions

Buugeng is an s-shaped staff. It creates the most awesome visuals. Invented by Dai Zaobab—it’s one of the trippiest of all the fantastic flow toys.  Buugeng is a combination of two words: ‘weapon’ and ‘illusion. It’s my newest toy and it will take me a while before I start spinning anywhere close to this flowmaster….

Rainbow Visions

Rainbow Visions

Vision Crystal- Alex Grey.

Alex grey is a visionary artist whose art transcends dimensions. His art has been a constant source of inspiration. The painting here is based on the concept of crystal vision, used by seers to predict or gain insights into the future. This is Alex Grey’s tribute to the visions of an artist.