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No surprise: Australian anti-racism ad is not understood by racists

Racism. You can stop people using racist slur, but can you really change their sentiment? Alter their perception? Most likely not. People like to be stupid. It’s easier. It’s in their conditioning and although it may not seem so at the surface, it runs deep.

This anti-racism ad by Beyond Blue attempts to raise awareness for the ‘real’ people of Australia – aboriginals. It gets the message across by showcasing the fact that actions do speak louder than words.

The BUZZFEED article on the same highlights some of the user reactions…which makes you see just how ‘stupid’ some people really are. Ironically the ad entitled “The Invisible Discriminator” has a very visible discriminator. Here’s one such user:


And Chris isn’t alone. Which is sad. But there’s hope. There’s always hope.


Stop. Think happy. Respect.

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Washington: Racism is not a game

Every other time, brands change their identity or positioning for the most insignificant reasons. Things like ‘the changing consumer nature’, ‘new competitors’ or ‘dated messaging’ drive brands to spend millions on insights that will hopefully help their image. For once, there’s a story that runs deeper than skin. Watch this beautiful video and see why the brand team at Washington needs to get their game right.