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5 Improbable Machines for quarantine living

How do you not touch your face during the pandemic?


There’s panic, and a lot more Don’t’s than we are usually used to. However, when we looked at this critically, through multiple lenses, taking into consideration a diversity of personas the answer to the question ‘how not to touch your face’ was simple. After deep thought and a bottom-up design process, we closed in on a few winners.  Here is the series of 5 such fully-thought through machinations that relook at our relationship with technology, our hands, our face and our hearts during #covid19


Introducing machine 1: THE Facecupboard


The next logical prototype after THE Facecupboard…

 Improbable Machine 2: THE Handsmacker, aka the high-fiver, aka the gobsmacker.



Is it a falcon? is it a drone? presenting Drone Falcons – Machine 3 in the series.


Nothing keeps your face safe like the Rotating Cactus Glass Helmet, the fourth machine in our series of Improbable Machines that can help you not touch your face.


For the finale, its a pant drop. Literally Self-Dropping Pants. Our least intrusive, most offensive idea so far. 🙂



Maybe someday soon we will probably try to make these improbable machines. Till then, stay safe and think happy everyday.

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Why giant monster cars are a smart idea for cities

Big city cars have finally gone carzilla. And it’s all thanks to ‘Smart’. Which is a kind of a dumbesque name for any brand.

That said, the brand compensates with its brilliant sense of humour. Eco-Empathy, who would have thought of it?

Here’s the video.

These Germans be funny…

Here’s The Prototype Prank

Executed by BBDO Berlin. This is one happy road disruptor 🙂

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What scientific research says you should do when you have a hangover



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How to literally smell a conversation


Super-organized, community conscious, hard-workers –– Ants have always been interesting creatures. Smithsonian science reveals how ants smell their way through a conversation. Fancy a whiff?