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Razor Sharp Music: Don’t EVER try this at home

Music made with razors?  Got me thinking about all the things that razors don’t (or won’t agree) to do. Things like: making coffee, checking email, or making small talk.

Anyways back to the video. Grey, New York adds one more product to the very long and very tired ‘this product can also create music’ list with this beautiful composition by Son Lux. Here goes: 

More unnecessary innovation? Me thinks Razor Automation is where giants like Gillette should be heading.

I’d love an amazing automated shaver robot that gives me a clean shave while I sleep.

We could call it:

  • Sleep & Slide
  • SleepShaver
  • Snoozeriser
  • ezZzy Shaver™

Imagine the time this would free up for some body-shavers…


Alternatively, they could have razors play music at hair-raising frequencies. So the hair just falls off.

fun stuff

The real truth behind open-plan offices

Open-plan offices, flexible working, collaboration, innovation. Buzzwords or just zzZZZzzz’s?

After working in an open-plan, supposedly collaboration boosting, creative-conversation-enhancing environment, I realised that there were definite flaws in the plan to power innovation in offices.

So is the flow of information enhanced? Does it help build better conversations or produce more productive workers? Or, does it impose unseen barriers?

In this painstakingly well-animated RSA ( Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) video, technologist Dave Coplin makes a brilliant argument. Definitely worth the nine minutes.

More on digital productivity?

Ask the cats.

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Integrated advertising: Here’s why you should think outside the box

Got questions about integrated advertising? Saatchi and Saatchi Tel Aviv answers them straight out of the box.

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Coke invents giant drinking face cup to take on social media

In a world devoid of real-world interactions, a giant makes a stand. And I like it. Has a point. Especially since it’s on social media, should we watch it? Should we share it? confused….

Oh sweet elixir of unhealthy consumption, guard us from the scourge of social media so we can focus our thoughts on opening happiness everyday.